In 2015, His Grace Bishop Guy Paul Noujaim, the founder and chairman of Oum el Nour Board, decided to establish a sister organization of Oum El Nour in one of the neediest countries in Africa, Liberia, where drug awareness and rehabilitation center is strongly needed.

Oum el Nour Liberia, Inc. is officially registered under registration No. 051741420 – Code Q8890 as a Non-Governmental Organization under the registry of the Republic of Liberia  on the 8 of June 2016. Oum el Nour is committed to the rehabilitation of substance users and prevention programs.

Oum el Nour identity and vision is to perceive drug addiction as a multifaceted problem requiring a comprehensive service that can cater to all the dimensions of addiction and designed to prevent, rehabilitate and reintegrate. It is necessary to mention that addiction affects not only its beholder but his/her family and surroundings. Thus, three levels of prevention are addressed by the association: the primary prevention that affects “healthy” people, the secondary prevention which affects occasional substance consumers, and finally, prevention which targets substance users.


Oum el Nour is committed to prevent and treat substance abuse. In addition to that, it serves individuals through empowering them to make healthy choices and live a full and happy life devoid of drugs. It helps them reintegrate into the society, and become a positive asset to their communities.


Oum el Nour perceives drug addiction as a pervasive problem, hence the need for a comprehensive service that can cover all of its dimensions. It is inevitable to mention that addiction affects not only the person, but also his/her family and circle of friends. Oum el Nour aims to welcome, guide, rehabilitate, accompany and follow drug abusers. The program also comprehends parental guide as we believe they play a primary role in the recovery.


1. Accessibility 

All people, regardless of his/her financial capacity, can have an access to the treatment.

2. Non-discrimination

All people, regardless of his/her nationality, ethnicity, religion or beliefs, can have an access to the treatment. 

3. Holistic therapeutic approach

All dimensions of the human person are taken into account for the rehabilitation of persons.

4. Research for the best Quality Treatment

Each member of the professional team has the opportunity to attend training courses throughout the year.

5. Transparency

The financial procedures of Oum el Nour are subject to strict rules and are controlled by an external auditor.


Oum el Nour objective is committed to serving individuals through helping them overcome their addiction, in order to attain a healthy society characterized by a sustainable growth through the following actions:

 • Raise awareness on the psychological, health, and economic risks of illegal use of drugs on individuals, families, with specific focus on youth people;

 • Welcome drug users, study their health and social conditions, identify their needs, and work with them on defining priorities to overcome their addiction through the services of Oum el Nour or other concerned parties; 

Provide required treatment support to targeted drug users or  abusers through Oum el Nour rehabilitation program; 

Support parents in their trial and accompany them in helping their children undergo treatment and prevention; 

Follow up on former substance users after their rehabilitation program, strengthen their immunity against drug addiction, and help them reintegrate into society and become active productive citizens.


1. President and Founder: Bishop Guy Paul Noujaim 

2. Vice President: Mr. Marwan Eid 

3. Treasurer: WLCU President- Mr. Ahmed Wazni 

4. Secretary: Mr. Abdallah Chahni 

5. Board Member:  Dr. S. Mohammed Sheriff (Liberia Medical & Dental Council)

6. Board Member: Atty. Samuel Kofi Woods, Ii 

7. Board Member: Mr. Georges Haddad


World Lebanese Cultural Union – Liberia

Ministry of Health (GOL)

Ezzat Eid Charitable Foundation

Orange Liberia

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Murex Holding Liberia Ltd


Oum el Nour Liberia, Congo Town, Behind Kia Motors 

Bank a/c 0011014735436701, ECO Bank

Tel. +231 777700156