This is the first point of contact with Oum el Nour. Individuals with an addiction problem are diagnosed in order to identify the root problem and provide the proper advice and support. Patients are then referred to suitable treatment departments through inpatient or outpatient programs. .

Inpatient Rehabilitation

Patients undergo rehabilitation therapy with total abstinence from drugs and alcohol. The treatment lasts for 15 months, divided into 4 stages, and aims to provide structure and discipline with a focus on sharing day-to-day life in order to improve interaction, communication, emotional control and self-improvement.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Patients who can manage daily life more easily may be suitable for outpatient rehabilitation. The treatment aims at giving them an opportunity to lead an independent, drug-free life through individual therapy sessions as well as support groups. Parental support also plays an important role in this treatment category.


After having completed the 15-month inpatient program, individuals are encouraged to partake actively and independently in their community to facilitate social integration, with added support to prevent relapse.


Oum el Nour’s Prevention Department aims at empowering individuals with knowledge and skills in order to help them make healthy choices in life without resorting to drugs. We use a multifaceted approach that promotes the personal and communal development of people of all ages including children, parents, teachers, professionals and communities. Prevention programs focus on the development of social and emotional skills in youth, strengthening their happiness within healthy environments and enabling proper growth. The Prevention Department offers programs targeting awareness for youth and their families, education through projects as well as training seminars, reception and orientation through local municipalities. Our prevention programs include:
  • Youth Awareness Program
  • Youth Connection
  • Parents Program
  • Skills for Adolescence to Improve Life (SAIL)
  • Creating Agents of Prevention (CAP)


Our goal is to empower beneficiaries to make healthy decisions and live life fully without using or abusing drugs, and to build the capacities of youth, adults, families, professionals and community members to be active agents of prevention. 

Our strategy is focused on health promotion and community development. Our work is based on holistic approach, tackling the individual, social and environmental factors for substance abuse, by involving individuals of all ages, as well as their peers, parents, teachers, professionals and communities.


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