Oum el Nour Liberia affiliate with the mother organization in Lebanon. As a pioneer of drug addiction treatment in the Middle East, Oum el Nour has successfully helped over 7000 men and women overcome their drug addictions over the past 30 years.

Over 60% success rate of individuals that underwent rehabilitation, graduated and reintegrated into society drug free without experiencing relapse.

A six months training of four Liberian social workers, who lived in the rehabilitation centers with the addicts and got training from all the others centers in Lebanon (Reception, Follow-up, Out Patient including the administration department). Three of the social workers graduated but two of them are committed to Oum el Nour Organization as per now. A multidisciplinary team of three experts from Lebanon is coming to work together to establish the prevention and out patients program. For now, we have established an office in Congo Town.



• Trained 4 Liberian social worker to Lebanon

• Communicated & Met with the Ministries of Health, Education, Youth & Sport, Gender, Justice / DEA.

• Obtained our accreditation as an NGO from the Ministry of Finance

• Constituted Board of Directors

• Appointed a General Manager

• Constituted a By-Law for Oum El Nour Liberia

• Lease a compound to be used as a Prevention & Outpatient center

• Furnished & equipped the center

• Established a Light Club in 4 private schools and 7 catholic schools to spread awareness against the use of drugs

• Conducted workshops to train “Light Club” members as addiction peer educators in their schools and communities.

• We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Liberia and secured a 30 acres of land for the rehabilitation center on Buchanan high way.


The In-patient Center Objectives are to help residents achieve a long-lasting abstinence during the 15-months and 4-stages program, improve the residents’ ability to function, minimize the medical and social complications of drug abuse. Also, help parents re-enter mainstream society through treatment based on Therapeutic In-patient Community principles, Medical/social/psychological/and judicial follow-up support, Individual follow-up & Group therapy, Gradual social reintegration, Professional and vocational orientation, Numerous constructive and leisure activities that contribute to the healing and Reintegration process (educational sessions, personal development sessions, art therapy).


The objectives of the Follow up department are to prevent relapse after the individual graduation from the in-patient or the outpatient center, ensure proper and effective social reintegration of graduated individuals and provide the recovering drug addict with the needed support and follow-up for 18 months (Individual counseling, Family counseling, Group discussion meetings, Motivational exercises, Medical/social/psychological/judicial follow-up and support).



1. Designing & Constructing the rehabilitation center

2. Constructing terrine for the agricultural project, and get the equipment 

3. Building the facilities for the Vocational training center, and get the equipment 

4. Human resources recruitment and founding for the project



In October of 2018, staff at Oum el Nour Liberia decided that establishing a club in schools can help set the platform for providing messages on “Prevention of Addiction”. These clubs will aim to promote Emotional, Informational and Social Support through messages and activities that highlight prevention of any kind of addiction. Since the generation of teens are fragile and could be at risk of becoming substance users, Oum el Nour thought it is necessary to nurture this population with messages that are uplifting, transforming, and life changing. Currently, the Light Club is operating in four schools within Montserrado namely; J.J. Roberts, W.V.S. Tubman High School, Paynesville Community School and G.W. Gibson Senior High School. The club has 122 students as members. The meeting time is an hour per session and we meet bi-monthly for each school.


To transmit messages on the prevention of addiction and empower students in schools as addiction peer educators within Liberia.


❖ Identify schools for the establishment of “Light Clubs” on the prevention of addiction

❖ Establish “Light Club” in schools within Montserrado. 

❖ Train and mentor students as addiction peer educators on the prevention of addiction

❖ Use school clubs as entry points to host mass awareness campaigns on the prevention of addiction for students from the schools.

❖ Use “Light Clubs” as research groups to collect data on substance use and types of addiction amongst students in the various schools.

❖ Create an environment for students to voice out their opinions without fear of being judged 

❖ Create an environment to correctly answer addiction related concerns of students 

❖ Empower students to promote, embrace and practice the concept of Balance Life


● Established Light club in four schools 

● Reached 122 students in four different schools with the message of addiction 

● Maintained consistency with club members 

● Built strong relationships with the administrations of the schools 

● Successfully trained and certified 18 peer educators 

● Collected information about drugs from students

● Created a safe space for students to express themselves and feel comfortable


• Sports (Create awareness through sports) 

• Training and Mentor (Peer education and mentorship) 

• Education (Use of Debates, Quizzing games, pep talks and related addiction prevention sessions) 

• Entertainment (Use of Dance, Drama and music to transmit messages on addiction prevention)


Oum el Nour Building, 

St. Joseph Street 

Antoura, Keserouan 

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