Two batches of training were conducted for Liberian Individuals:

In 2018 a six months training of four Liberian social workers

In 2022 a four months training of three Liberian social workers from the Liberian Ministry of Health and a psychiatric doctor for the detoxification process.

The two batches lived in the rehabilitation centers with the addicts and got training from all the other centers in Lebanon (Reception, Follow-up, Out Patient including the administration department).



– Registered and obtained our accreditation as an NGO from the Ministry of Finance

– Constituted Board of Directors and appointed a General Manager

– Constituted a By-Law for Oum El Nour Liberia

– Trained 7 Liberian social workers volunteers and staff from MOH on the Therapeutic community program in Lebanon
– Skilled Liberian Psychiatric in the detoxification process in Lebanon

– Lease furnished & equipped a compound to be used as an administrative, Prevention, & Outpatient office.

– Established four prevention programs Light Club, we-connect, scholarship, and Sports clubs. We reached youth with awareness preventive messages in schools’ communities thru diverse activities.

– Conducted workshops to train youth club members as addiction peer educators in their schools and Communities.

–  Signed a partnership Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Liberia thru the Ministry of Health and secured 30 acres of land for the inpatient Rehabilitation center at Buchannan Highway.

– Prepared architectural design plans and renovated eight existing units for the inpatient rehabilitation center. (2 Men dorms 2 women dorms 1 staff dorms 1 canteen 1 administrative 1 vocational)

– Conducted formal meetings with potential partners and donors: UNIDO, UNDP, Lebanese Ambassador, Carter Center, World Health Organization MPCHS MSFF

– Installed 1000 square meters of Greenhouse for Agriculture vocational training and self-financing.  


  1. Equip and furnish the inpatient rehabilitation center.
  2. Sign duties and responsibility MOU with the Ministry of health.
  3. Recruit and train MOH staff on the Therapeutic community program in Liberia.
  4. Launch the inpatient rehabilitation center and recruit up to 54 residents.
  5. Sign MOU with local and International NGO partners for the sustainability of the center.
  6. Establish 2 new prevention programs Photo Contests and Drugs thru the eyes of kids.


Administration & Reception center

Oum el Nour Liberia, Congo Town, Behind Kia Motors

Tel. +231 777700156