Oum El Nour is an independent NGO that was founded in 1989,
It aims to gradually decrease the addiction rates in Lebanon and raise awareness about the various factors leading to
substance abuse, as this has become an extensive problem, with destructive consequences on individuals, families, and society, especially in rough times.
Oum El Nour today is giving today a chance to people suffering from addiction, to gain back control over their life. Knowing, this could be
a child, a parent, a sibling, a colleague, a fellow citizen, from any gender.


Oum El Nour started as an initiative,
but grew into a home for those who need sheltering,
fostering, and understanding. A place away from noise, pressure,
judgment. A place to recover, look back and learn, and to reconnect
with oneself before reconnecting with others.


Dear mother,

You are not going to believe this, and God knows I’ve given you reason enough not to... with all my threatening, maneuvering and playing with your emotions that if you did not me in a couple of months I would be angry, I would think you forgot about me, didn’t love me and would stop declaring you as my mom.
I do not have any proof that what I’m going to say to you now is truly and honestly my rooted convection. But I will remind you, though, that back then I was drugged and disoriented. Now, I’m clean, my head is sober, I have a stronger will and a clean perspective of what I want out of life.
O.K, now that I have smoothed things out for you, I will get to the point... MOM, I might not know much, but I do know that miracles are happening for me here, I’m in the best shape of my life, and as an addict; which I AM, this is the best place for me to be.
I hope that what I’ve said to you will ful ll the purpose of this letter, which is for you to stop feeling guilty or scared that I might be angry with you for keeping me here, because I’M the one who wants to be here now and believe me, the best thing you have ever done for me (of course besides being a great mother) is bring me here to Oum El Nour.
So until I have earned the privilege to see you, take care of yourself, keep the faith, and stay strong.

Your loving daughter,




2022 Edition 

Last Update: 27/06/2023


Oum el Nour Building, 

St. Joseph Street 

Antoura, Keserouan 

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+961 9 239282/3    /   +961 9 237283


St. Elie Building, 

Zouk Mikhael Highway

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 +961 9 223700   /   +961 9 219042

+961 76750738